Friday, September 24, 2010

Every Vacation Has One...

A day of miscues and wasted time; not every day on vacation can be perfect.

The good things:
  • A blissful lie-in after our exertions on Mont Blanc
  • A beautiful drive through the Col de Joux Plane, the pass up the mountain from our little hamlet
  • The discovery of an overlook on the mountain above our house with picnic tables and a view of Mont Blanc
  • Poking around through Morzine, a cute little ski town
The miscues:
  • The only laundry of any sort in Samoëns was closed for the off-season (the rental house has no washer or dryer)
  • The restaurant we picked out for lunch was closed for vacation (the nerve!)
  • A so-so lunch of salad and pizza at a restaurant run by Brits
  • No laundry soap, and the only market open in town was closed for lunch
  • Killing time waiting for the market to open
  • Guess what?  The laundry had washers with soap dispensers built in so…
    • We didn’t actually need to buy soap
    • OR wait for the market to open to buy it
    • We could’ve been done and home at least two hours earlier!
    • Grrrr.
We finally got home, clean laundry in hand, and decided to take a bottle of wine up to the overlook and finally do what we wanted – nothing!
At the overlook, waiting for sunset
Samoens in the valley as the day fades
Mont Blanc massif from our overlook

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  1. Valyn, Craig,
    The photos are stunning and the descriptions are perfect; thank you so much for including Valyn in a couple of pictures! And I love pictures of the food.