Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Our little village sits on the edge of what is locally called Mont-Saint-Victor but I'm guessing (or hoping) they say that with tongue firmly planted in cheek, as it's little more than a rise, one of many along the topographical ridge that runs south-east from Dijon and forms the eastern slope of one of the world's best wine-growing regions.

This area of France is fairly heavily populated but the population is sequestered in villages crammed in between the very spacious vineyards.  Our village is one of those crammed in amongst the vineyards, and we decided we should explore it.  So on Monday we headed out, written directions and cameras in hand, after lunch to see what we could see and get a bit of exercise.

We struck out walking for Chaux, a neighboring village.  We went off-road through the vineyards, at the suggestion of our landlord.  It's much nicer walking along a line of fully-loaded vines than trudging down a paved road, and no one seems to care.  The 'paths' are dirt trails through the vines that tractors pull through, and we stayed along those. 

I should say we're just ahead of the grape harvest, so the vines are heavy with fruit and very photographic, as you can see.

Pinot Noir grapes, almost ready for harvest
Haute Cote de Nuit-St-George vineyard
After a sojourn in the vineyards, we headed toward the Mont-Saint-Victor and hiked up to the chapel and cemetery at the top, then followed a dirt road around the summit, affording views in all directions.
Chapel at Mont-Saint-Victor

View from the "Mont"

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